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Construction projects face serious challenges due in no small part to the commercial restraints imposed on project owners and contractors by their financers, by their own boards of directors and through fiscal responsibility to their shareholders. Energy Contracts Consultants Limited will work closely with its clients to minimize the effects of those challenges, to maximize the commercial viability of its projects and to maintain good working relationships with other members of the project team at all stages from inception to completion.

Every construction and engineering project will gain significantly from efficient Contracts Management and timely attention to Dispute Avoidance, Risk and Dispute Management, all of which should preferably commence in the initial stages of the project's life span but are frequently neglected until problems arise. Truly effective Contract Management begins with the initial draft of the terms and conditions upon which the Contract will be based and Energy Contracts Consultants Limited is able to draft, review, prepare deviations to and negotiate contracts, subcontracts, term sheets, consotrtium agreements, sale and purchase agreements on a clients' behalf.

Energy Contracts Consultants Limited can provide Contract, Dispute and Risk Management services either at a distance, working on line, or at client's offices, or by using a combination of both, at any stage in the project from feasibility to completion. Location is not a problem and Energy Contracts Consultants Limited is available to service client's needs either in the UK or overseas.

The Contract Management services offered by Energy Contracts Consultants Limited are available to contractors, sub-contractors, service providers, material and equipment suppliers, project owners, project financers, consultants, in fact anyone involved in construction or engineering. The major benefits they will immediately recognize are:

(i)  24/7 accessibility;
(ii)  dedicated attention of an experienced senior contracts consultant;
(iii) exceptional cost and time effectiveness

Energy Contracts Consultants Limited is able to assist its clients in:
The Management & Facilitation Consultancy Ltd
-  Preparation of Contracts, Subcontracts and other Agreements
- Contract Management
- Review of Management Structures and Performance
- Project Health Checks at any Stage of its Development
- Advice on International Business, Contracts and Laws
- Troubleshooting to Improve Commercial Viability of Project
- Familiar with FIDIC, NEC3, IChemE, ICE, MF/1 and a variety of ad-hoc forms
- Dispute Avoidance
- Dispute Management
- Dispute Resolution
- Entitlement Analysis
- Litigation and Arbitration Support
- Risk Analysis at Pre-Tender Stage
- Risk Reviews Throughout the Progress of the Project Works

The services provided by Energy Contracts Consultants Limited can be tailored to each client's particular needs and may either be carried out for a pre-arranged fixed fee or based on a pre-agreed fee structure.

Bryan is the author of two books, "Dispute Avoidance" and "International Construction Contract Management", both published by RIBA Publishing

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